Dr Doom Painting Collaboration



Dr Doom Watercolor Collaboration

--An explanation for a recent Dude co-production, by the Dude himself.
Who among you has seen this Dr. Doom painting, currently up for sale on the Dude’s (that’s me) website?  Besides me and Gino, that is?
Interesting story behind this painting.  Here it is...
When a friend of mine called to say that he’d just completed a Dr. Doom painting in watercolor, I was excited for him.  He’d just gotten a new agent, but when my artist friend delivered the painting to this agent, the agent told him it “wasn’t polished enough”.  Regarding this agent’s comment as mostly nonsense, I told the friend to send the original art directly to me, and I would check it out personally.  When the piece arrived in my mailbox, I called my friend, and I told him it was a very worthy piece, but if you’re willing to take the chance, maybe I can find a way to “push the dramatics a bit more” on his painting.  “Would you be OK with me doing that, directly on your original?”  Said friend said yes, so I did. 
After sending the new touches I did back to my friend, he then sent the new version off to his agent for a possible revised opinion.  Apparently the agent still wasn’t convinced.  Did I mention how little I think of this agent’s opinion?
Still, the results you see on this Dr. Doom watercolor painting are about 75% Dude and 25% my artist friends work.  He and I will split the profits 60/40 with the majority going to him.
Those interested in inquiring about this Dr. Doom co-production, I’ll look forward to hearing your comments.
--The always curious Dude


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