Whatever happened to Rude Dude Productions?

Whatever happened to Rude Dude Productions?

Rude Dude Productions was founded to continue publishing Nexus which had been canceled by Dark Horse Comics around 1998.  After publishing 2 Free Comic Book Day comics, and 1 Nexus series, Nexus was picked up by Dark Horse Comics again and Rude Dude closed it's doors.

After a few years publishing Nexus in their anthology book, Dark Horse Presents, and many fan complaints about it being in the book, Steve decided to relaunch Rude Dude Productions and Nexus on his own.  This time in comic strip form.

The Rude's launched the Nexus Newspaper Strip with a successful Kickstarter late 2015 and successfully kept to a schedule for 8 months before their oldest, Brandon, fell ill with Crypto August of 2016.  The Crypto, which was contracted at a local pool (he was on swim team), aggravated his Ulcerative Colitis (which, up until then they did not know he had).  With Steve's wife, Jaynelle, spending most of her time in the hospital or helping Brandon catch up with homework, Rude Dude could not keep up with the schedule and was forced to close it's doors.  Unfortunately, this meant many fans went without a full year's newspaper being fulfilled.

Several thousands of dollars in debt between business loans and medial bills, the Rude's were finally able to fulfill the last of the outstanding orders in 2018 and pay off the last of the business loans.

While you will still find the Rude Dude Productions logo being used for Steve's new line of videos on YouTube (www.YouTube.com/steverudethedude), they are no longer publishing comic books.

UPDATE: 9/26/2020: With comic publishing in a state of flex due to COVID-19, we have made the decisioni to relaunch Rude Dude Productions for publishing new Nexus.  It will be funded via Kickstarters as whole books only, not via subscription.  We will also use Patreon to fund production costs on the book (www.Patreon.com/steverude)

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Was wondering what happened to Mr Rude haven’t been seeing him on the comic book Trail, I’m from Illinois and I usually used to talk to him from time to time now have my own comic trying to produce and Publishing would like to hear from his knowledge and input and just wondering what is he doing now, and will he be attending Wizard World in Chicago con?


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