Draw Nexus: How to Tips and Techniques

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For the first time ever, Steve Rude shares his vast collection of model sheet drawings from the Nexus animated promo. Along with featuring model sheets of the entire Nexus cast, you'll see how Rude approaches Figure Construction, drawing the human (and non-human) head, as well as hardware like space ships and futuristic interiors. Each drawing has Rudes trademark simplicity of explanation, that will benefit professionals as well as the newest of beginners.

Also included is a special section featuring the Nexus Fundraiser drawings that Steve did back in 2002. Some of the requests were pretty wacky, so prepare for the unexpected in this special bonus section of our tips and techniques volume of How to Draw Nexus!

Spiral bound for easy drawing board access. Clear vinyl cover and vinyl back cover, 98 pages.


Draw Nexus: How to Tips and Techniques