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Art of Steve Rude book, comics, downlodable comics, and sketchbooks!
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by Mike Baron and Steve Rude Inker: Gary Martin Letterer: Todd Klein Colorist: Glenn Whitmore Publication Date: TBD Format: 56 pages, COLOR, Comic Size Nexus 101: "The Past Swung Up and Hit Me Like a Rake" will leave you breathless. Can it really be Kreed, the most lethal Quatro of all time? But how? He killed himself! The answer will blow your mind. The situation...

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Best Price for the complete set! All 4 stories bagged together and sold at a discount off the retail cost of purchasing them separately.Nexus 99 - Space Opera Act 1. Retail cost is $2.99, regular size edition including the first story in the series plus a letter column.Nexus 100 - Space Opera Act 2. Retail cost is $4.99. Double size...

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With the opening of Ylum to all refugees, a new threat emerges: the intolerance of the Elvonics, the religion that cannot coexist with others. Mighty Nexus, absorbed in the birth of his son Harry, cannot be everywhere at once and the defense of Ylum falls to Tyrone and his little band of plucky irregulars. Nexus' enemies choose this moment to...

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"Space Opera," the four-part Nexus story beginning in July, is an ideal jumping-on spot for new readers. Deftly combining back story with Nexus' present, Baron and Rude take the readers into the heart of ageless human drama and conflict. Cataclysmic events will forever change the Nexus universe; Major characters will die; New characters will emerge. Nexus is one of the...



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