Nexus 100: Space Opera Act 2 of 4

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by Mike Baron and Steve Rude

What's all the fuss about in the long awaited, oversized edition of Nexus 100? In addition to the 23-page main story feature, Nexus 100 contains the first fully-painted Steve Rude art ever done for a comic story! When She was Young, Part II, an eleven-page Sundra Peale story that takes place at the beginning of Sundra's career and reveals her first meeting with the notorious and treacherous---ah, long time fans will guess! But for now we'll keep you in suspense! Baron and Rude consider this a thought-provoking piece of graphic literature with all their usual trademarks that marks their sense of what makes comics fun to read.

PLUS a brand new 12-page feature, The History of Nexus by Bill Baker. See how it all began! Early, previously unseen Nexus art! The crew from all 3 Nexus publishers tell all! Readers new and old to Nexus will find this feature an invaluable resource for decades to come.


48 pgs, FC, (Book 2 of 4)

Nexus 100: Space Opera Act 2 of 4