Nexus Animation Layout Test Flip - 7 illustrations

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Size 12½ x 10½
Original Animation Art from the Nexus Animated TV Show
Medium: Colored Pencil (Col-Erase Blue)

This is for a set of SEVEN individual sketches as shown

These sketches was done entirely with Col-Erase Blue, aka NON PHOTO blue.  This color was designed so that it would not show up on scans so I've done my best to darken the scan.  The actual color is a light blue.

Nexus animation:  For the first time, Nexus followers can view many of the hundreds of behind the scenes animation layouts created by the Dude himself for the proposed Nexus animated series.  Each image has been hand-drawn on 12 field animation paper. 

Nexus Animation Layout Test Flip - 7 illustrations