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$ 1,250.00

15x20" watercolor on watercolor paper Note: Piece was done in black and white for Todd Klein's "Alphabet" print series. The image was reversed for the final print which is signed by both Todd Klein and Steve Rude. Pandora has just opened a box she was not supposed to open, releasing a swarm of Troubles into the world. Last to emerge...

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$ 3,000.00

Nexus Origin Remastered Cover Rude Dude Productions 2009 Size is approximately 15x20 on bristol boardMedium is watercolorRude Dude is re-releasing Nexus: Origin with a new cover and 8 bonus pages in May 2009.åÊ This is the exciting new cover used for that issue.

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$ 1,750.00

This is the original artwork that was used in "Graphic Elvis". The actual book is NOT included, and shown for reference only.Original artwork was done in watercolor on illustration paper and is approximately 12"x18" in size.

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$ 300.00

Modeled after his daughter, Jessica, Steve Rude once again brings Alice alive in pen and ink.11" x 14" on Bristol and brush inked using permanent India Ink.This also includes a copy of the paste up that Steve did showing the progressive steps from photo to pinup. This is an original art piece, not a copy or duplicate.

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$ 199.95

This copy already contains a sketch of Gwen Stacey that has been pasted inside the book (as shown). By Steve Rude and John FleskesIntroduction by Mike Baron This is inside the regular edition of the book.  The sketch was done in INDIA INK and a brush on bristol then pasted inside the book. 208 pages, 9"x12", full color. Color cover...