Nexus Alien Justice TPB

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Writer: Mike Baron
Cover Artist: Steve Rude
Penciller: Steve Rude
Inker: Gary Martin
Letterer: Willie Schubert
Colorist: Noelle Giddings Les Dorscheid
Genre: Superhero

When Nexus and his buddy Dave journey to Dave's home planet in search of long-lost friends they find that things have changed for the worse since their last visit: the once-thriving world has been ravaged by pollution and famine that seem to be spreading from a mysterious factory. Is this merely another case of industry run amuck or do ancient Thune legends of a planet-devouring creature somehow figure into the picture?

Publication Date: Nov 01 1996
Format: Full color
Price: $16.95
Age range: 14+
ISBN-10: 1-56971-193-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-56971-193-4

Nexus Alien Justice TPB