Nexus Origin Remastered (2009)

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2009 Reprint of this classic which sold out in 2007 in just two weeks!  This time around we've given the book a spiffy new look in prestige format and 8 new bonus pages!

Nexus the Origin received three Eisners including best single issue and dozens of four-star write-ups and reviews. This double-sized definitive issue remains as cutting edge and relevant as the day of it's original release in 1991.

It's all here--from the beginning!

-How Nexus became heir to a deadly alien gift--and the most feared legend in the galaxy!

-How Sundra's near burn-up in space announced her arrival on Ylum!

-How Nexus rescued Dave's planet from the maniacal "Manager" and how Dave went on to become Nexus' closest companion!

Plus those incomparable complainers--Tyrone Giz and Claude!

See why Nexus the Origin has become a fan classic to span the decades!

Nexus Origin Remastered (2009)