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Steve reserves the right to reject/refund any ideas he does not want to draw.  Prices listed are for single characters with basic or no backgrounds at his discretion unless otherwise stated.  If you want a background or detailed background please contact us for a quote.  Steve usually does marker commissions on 11x14 bristol and pen and ink on 11x17, but reserves the right to make them bigger if he feels necessary. 

COTACT US if you have any questions regarding commissions.  The current turn around time is a few weeks.  If you need your sketch at a specific time let us know and we'll do our best to meet the deadline, but industry work will come first.

Steve does take a limited number of sketch requests while attending conventions.  View the CALENDAR (News>Calendar) to find out where Steve will be appearing!

2019 prices:

  • $50 quick sketch on typing paper or your paper (not avail for preorder)
  • $100 portrait (head) sketch on 9x12 bristol or your paper
  • $200/figure in black and white marker on 11x14 Bristol or your paper
  • $300/color on 11x14 Bristol or your paper

Steve will draw on blank covers.  Prices are the same as above.  Patreon members are always guaranteed a spot on the list.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a PATREON MEMBER ONLY ($19+) you may PREORDER at the show price and pick up at the show.  If not, you can still preorder, but at the REGULAR COMMISSION PRICE.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

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$ 7,000.00

This 20"x30" oil on canvas was never finished.  As a private commission this would run $12-15K.  Once finished we will put it up for sale $10k.  Order it today and he'll finish it for $7K! Rey, Batman, John Carter, and Wolverine paying tribute to Norman Rockwell's "Barbershop Quartet".  Painting was started and set aside.  Note: Steve WILL FINISH the painting...



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