Charcoal Study Steve Rude Original Art Sketch #3

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Size: 14" x 17"
Medium: Charcoal Pencil
Paper: Sketch Pad Paper

This is like owning an original page from Steve's sketchbook.  Not a chance to pass up.  Page is amazing!

Piece says "Various Value/Light Studies 4/99". The torsos in the upper right corner are for a Wonder Woman/BatGirl/Supergirl piece.

My scanner only scans up to 12" x 17", so I had to piece this piece together which is why you might see a line running through the piece. Also, because it was done in pencil, the scanner has a hard time reading it and I had to scan it dark. The background is not that dark. Piece was done by Steve Rude as a study.

This is an original art piece, not a copy or duplicate.  Ships rolled in a tube.

Charcoal Study Steve Rude Original Art Sketch #3