Collection: The Coming of Gourmando

SYNOPSIS: Beneath the planet of Ylum, an ancient force awakens, summoning the dreaded planet-devourer, Gourmando, and his enigmatic ally. Even Nexus falls before their might, banished to an unknown realm, where escape demands confronting deepest fears!

Different Book Versions ↓

12"x17" Hardcover Editions 

Artist Edition: Double the size of the TPB & Over 320 pages

Limited Edition: Additional slick hardcover case, shrink wrapped, Certificate of Authentication, PLUS an exclusive plate signed by both Baron & Rude sewn into book

BOTH Hardcover Editions have 90 full-color pages of artistry, featuring captivating pencils, inks, and many extra bonus pages!

Trade Paperback

NEW 2023 Pre-Sale TPB: 9x12 TPB reprint with a brand new COVER, INTERIOR DESIGN, EXTRAS, + NEW PREVIEW of the second volume, "Battle for Thuneworld"(DIAMOND: OCT231955)

Kickstarter Version: 216 pages + Everything that's included in the Dark Horse Version with a few more fun extras! (ALMOST SOLD OUT)

Dark Horse Version: 189 pages + Includes the 48-pages Nexus: The Origin and the 11-page Nexus "Sunny Day" painted story.