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At 62, Steve has 2 dreams in life.  Create more Nexus and share his knowledge with the world.  We've created the Patreon to fund both and give you a little something fun in the process!


What's in it for you?


  • Are you an artist that would love to learn from Steve's vast knowledge of art?  He no longer does workshops or takes on new students, but would love to teach through videos.

  • Are you a fan of animation and are interested in seeing behind the scenes out takes and drawings?  Would you love a chance to purchase an original animation sketch for under $100?

  • Pick Steve's brain with questions he will answer either via post or video.
  • Have your name listed as a supporter on his next drawing demo video
  • Advance purchase option for original artwork
  • Special deals throughout the year on commissions and some moths we'll even give you your entire pledge back as a gift card in our store, free print, or other exclusive item.
  • Exclusive poster options not available to the public such as his Action Superman #1000 cover.  Exclusive to Patreon and never available to the public.
  • Advance access to finished videos and opportunity for exclusive live streaming throughout the year.


Below items are currently for Patreon Members only...


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$ 74.95

Size 12½ x 10½Original Animation Art from the Nexus Animated TV ShowMedium: Pencil & Colored Pencil (Col-Erase Blue & Red) Nexus animation:  An upcoming Rude Dude special feature only for Patreon subscribers:  For the first time, Nexus followers can view many of the hundreds of behind the scenes animation layouts created by the Dude himself for the proposed Nexus animated...



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