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Released August 2017 This PDF includes: 76 page pdf includes all 70 strips of the Nexus Newspaper, including multi-page strips Original errors and markings from pre-production 45 pages are in full color with the remaining 31 in their original black and white. An updated version with the entire finalized set in color will be sent to you FREE of charge upon...

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Best Price for the complete set! All 4 stories bagged together and sold at a discount off the retail cost of purchasing them separately.Nexus 99 - Space Opera Act 1. Retail cost is $2.99, regular size edition including the first story in the series plus a letter column.Nexus 100 - Space Opera Act 2. Retail cost is $4.99. Double size...

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$ 49.95

Order all 7 Newspapers created by Rude Dude Productions.  Also includes a random Nexus print.  Prints shown are samples of prints. ALSO INCLUDED is the pdf download for all 70 strips! This PDF includes: 76 page pdf includes all 70 strips of the Nexus Newspaper, including multi-page strips Original errors and markings from pre-production 45 pages are in full color...

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$ 35.00

DRAW NEXUSFor the first time ever, Steve Rude shares his vast collection of model sheet drawings from the Nexus animated promo. Along with featuring model sheets of the entire Nexus cast, you'll see how Rude approaches Figure Construction, drawing the human (and non-human) head, as well as hardware like space ships and futuristic interiors. Each drawing has Rudes trademark simplicity...

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"Space Opera," the four-part Nexus story beginning in July, is an ideal jumping-on spot for new readers. Deftly combining back story with Nexus' present, Baron and Rude take the readers into the heart of ageless human drama and conflict. Cataclysmic events will forever change the Nexus universe; Major characters will die; New characters will emerge. Nexus is one of the...

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$ 59.95

Set ships ROLLED in large tube - Ships PRIORITY, Free inside the USA LITHOGRAPHPrinted on high quality paper, very thick SIZE: 28x22 on HIGH QUALITY 95# gloss paper. Regular price: $49.95 NEXUS FAMILY PORTRAIT - 35th ANNIVERSARYPrinted on poster stock paper - This was an extra for KickstarterNexus Family Portrait was painted in 1988This print was designed in commemoration of...

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$ 99.95

Includes all three of the WWI prints.  Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of only 100 and both come with their own COA.  Professionally printed on 11x17 thick stock. This is part of a trio of prints: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.  All were commissions and all are limited edition prints with COAs.  EACH COMES IN A SEPARATE TOPLOADER SLEEVE FOR...

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Set of 3 - 8x10 inch prints professionally printed on card stock.  These prints were a promo as part of the 2012 sketchbook kickstarter.  Limited stock and when they're gone they're gone!

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What you get: PDF downloads of all 8 books, All previous hardcopies in stock, (3) Limited Edition (random) 8x10 prints

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$ 79.95

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - This is a 12 pound package!  Nexus ChroniclesSize: 9" x 12", Hardcover with dust jacketThe Nexus Chronicles focuses on Rude’s role as artist and co-creator of this award-winning series. Three dedicated years have gone into assembling the original art for eight of The Dude’s favorite creations, including Nexus: Wages of Sin #1 and Next Nexus #1, both...

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$ 14.95

Sold by Steve Rude and may be signed or personalized on requestSet includes Future Quest (Birdman) with all Steve Rude covers FUTURE QUEST 5: For years, archaeologist turned superhero Ray Randall has aided Inter-Nation in their quest to make the world a safer place as the one and only Birdman! But when a group of ancient gods reemerge to destroy...

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$ 19.95

May be signed by Steve Rude or personalized on request The Hanna-Barbera stars of the hit FUTURE QUEST series--Jonny Quest, Birdman, the Herculoids and many more--reunite in this all-new series!After the thrilling events of FUTURE QUEST, a new age of adventure begins! Birdman has faced countless threats in his career as one the Earth's greatest heroes: giant monsters, alien invasions,...

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$ 39.95

May be signed by Steve Rude or personalized on requestThor: Godstorm #1-3 and material from Thor (1966) #408-409. In a tale of two worlds, Thor fights epic battles against trolls, evil scientists and super-villains-and balances his life as a god, a hero and a doctor as Loki manipulates him from afar and Odin banishes him from Earth! What is the...



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