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2013 Sketchbook - Original Art 3

$ 49.95

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As an exclusive for our Kickstarter we did FIVE blank cover books.  The unsold books have been on the shelf for awhile so Steve decided to put some art in them!  This books has a nude done in pencil. Sketchbook itself shows minor shelf wear.  Otherwise new.

The book is comprised of commissions and a few pages from Steve's sketchbook.

This listing is for the LIMITED EDITION BLANK COVER.  There is minor spine wear so we've taken $50 off the normal price.  Sketch included is black and white marker.  You may choose to upgrade to color marker, pen and ink, or colored pencil

The book is 72 pages in softcover with high quality paper used on the interior. Everything is in color. Pages are 8-1/2 x 11. Steve also took the time to type notes on almost every page!

In our most complicated Kickstarter to date we offered a choice of covers and ended up printing the Nexus cover PLUS 10 additional covers including a sketch cover.  Each book has it's own listing.

Nexus Cover

1) Supergirl Cover - only 20 printed
2) Wondergirl Cover - only 20 printed
3) Autumn Harvest - only 10 printed
4) Enchantress - only 10 printed
5) Mlle Marie - only 10 printed
6) Superman - only 10 printed
7) Supergirl 2 - only 10 printed
8) Wonder Woman - only 10 printed
9) Pulp Cover - only 5 printed
10) Blank Cover - only 5 printed (Captain America Shown just example)

Also available as a hardcover with the Nexus image - only 20 printed


Available as a sketchbook or download




Sold Out