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Backissue The Ultimate Comics Expirence! #9 Apr 2005

$ 5.95
“Cosmic Issue”! Writer MIKE BARON and artist STEVE RUDE on NEXUS! JIM STARLIN and MIKE MIGNOLA look back at COSMIC ODYSSEY, featuring amazing art by Mignola and Starlin¹s unpublished cover to Cosmic Odyssey #1! Marvel Comics’ long-running STAR WARS series examined, with interviews and art by HOWARD CHAYKIN, AL WILLIAMSON, WALT SIMONSON, TOM PALMER, RON FRENZ, ROY THOMAS, CARMINE INFANTINO, and more! The late, great GIL KANE is the subject of a “Rough Stuff” pencil art gallery, with covers and interior pages featuring Green Lantern, the Micronauts, Conan, Spider-Man, Superman, and a few surprises! Plus: TIMOTHY TRUMAN and JOHN OSTRANDER’s GRIMJACK, then and now; an “Off My Chest” guest editorial by MIKE GOLD; a villain history of THANOS; TIME WARP revisited; and a “Greatest Stories Never Told” exposé of DC’s unrealized Crisis on Infinite Earths sequel CRISIS OF THE SOUL, with art and commentary by JERRY ORDWAY! New STEVE RUDE cover!

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