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Beer God "YASIGI"

$ 250.00

This is for a new run of specialty brews being offered by Edmonton’s Sherbrooke Liquor, under the brand of Revere Beer. Each of the twelve beers in this series features a different beer-related god from the world’s various pantheons, from Tepoztecatl (god of the fermented Aztec beer Pulque) to Kamui Fuchi (the hearth goddess of Japan’s Anui, who brewers prayed to in order to receive fermentation).

The beers themselves have been brewed by the Paddock Wood Brewing Company, in consultation with Jeff Werstiuk to reflect the god represented and the culture that god arises from. One new beer will be released each quarter for three years, starting in August with Slavic goddess of beer Ragutiene, whose beer will be a Baltic Porter.

Size:              11x14 inches
Medium:         India Ink
Paper Type:   Bristol

“A goddess of the Dogon people residing in Western Africa, Yasigi was born from the Kinder Egg of the supreme creator god Amma and hidden away from her evil twin brother. It’s a good thing, since she managed to grow up to affiliate herself with fun stuff, like beer, dancing and masks. Masks were important to this culture since they represented the gods and ancestors that were used in ceremonial dances that were fuelled with beer. Yasigi herself would preside over the most significant ritual, the Sigi ceremony that was held every 60 years and would last 7 years in duration by transferring from one village to another. Affectionately called the sister of the masks, she showed humanity how to brew beer for the first Sigi ritual, and even cultured the red hibiscus plant for the mask dancers to make their skirts out of. Definitely a goddess who knew how to throw a party and lead by example!”

This is an original art piece, not a copy or duplicate.

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