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This is for a new run of specialty brews being offered by Edmonton’s Sherbrooke Liquor, under the brand of Revere Beer. Each of the twelve beers in this series features a different beer-related god from the world’s various pantheons, from Tepoztecatl (god of the fermented Aztec beer Pulque) to Kamui Fuchi (the hearth goddess of Japan’s Anui, who brewers prayed to in order to receive fermentation).

The beers themselves have been brewed by the Paddock Wood Brewing Company, in consultation with Jeff Werstiuk to reflect the god represented and the culture that god arises from. One new beer will be released each quarter for three years, starting in August with Slavic goddess of beer Ragutiene, whose beer will be a Baltic Porter.

Size:              11x14 inches
Medium:         India Ink
Paper Type:   Bristol

"The original Greek god of good times, Silenus was eventually retired into the retinue of Dionysus, but he sure showed that kid a thing or two. The drink of choice for Silenus was beer, and he held the power of prophecy while under the influence (and he was always under the influence). For the ultimate props gag he even gave King Midas the golden touch, although we hear that didn't end very well."

This is an original art piece, not a copy or duplicate.

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