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Nexus Wages of Sin 4 Dark Horse

Nexus Wages of Sin 4 Dark Horse

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Nexus: Wages of Sin #4 (of 4)

Intergalactic assassins, cut-throat bounty hunters, nuclear-armed battalions -- Judah "the Hammer" Maccabee has fought them all. But this time it's personal. This time, it's his wife. Nexus' pal Judah goes toe to toe with the marital terror of Gladys in "Domestic Dispute," a screwball comedy that hits close to home!


Writer: Mike Baron
Penciller: Steve Rude
Inker: Gary Martin
Letterer: Willie Schubert
Colorist: George Freeman
Editor: Anina Bennett
Designer: Teena Gores
Cover Artist: Steve Rude
Genre: Superhero
Publication Date: June 01, 1995
Format: FC
Price: $2.95
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