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Dark Horse Presents #30

$ 3.50

Dark Horse Presents #30

Fred Van Lente and Reilly Brown tell the epic tale of Saint George . . . the dragon slayer! Sixties sci-fi meets a hard-boiled detective mystery in Jamie S. Rich and Brent Schoonover’s Integer City! Stan Sakai does action adventure with the return of Nilson Groundthumper! Phil Stanford’s City of Roses returns! The writer of Amala’s Blade, Steve Horton, introduces Monstrous with Ryan Cody! And a unique time-travel story from Chad Lambert and Tom Williams!

* Plus, new installments of The Strain: The Fall, Mr. Monster,andAlabaster!

* Featuring a story from the world of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain: The Fall!

* “Dark Horse’s prestigious anthology series . . . showcases emerging talent alongside some of the greatest writers, artists and cartoonists.” —Comics Alliance


Writer:  David Lapham, Andrew MacLean, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Mike Baron, Ron Randall, Steve Niles, Michael T. Gilbert, Dara Naraghi, Patrick Alexander, Neal Adams, Richard Corben
Artist:  David Lapham, Andrew MacLean, Ron Randall, Michael T. Gilbert, Patrick Alexander, Neal Adams, Steve Lieber, Steve Rude, menton3, Richard Corben, Tom Williams
Cover Artist:  Neal Adams
Publication Date:  November 20, 2013
Format:  FC, 80 Pages; Ongoing
UPC:  7 61568 17843 2 03011

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