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Steve Rude Art

11x17 Custom Pen and Ink Commission

11x17 Custom Pen and Ink Commission

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  • 11x17" pen and ink commission.  Steve will often to these on 12x18" based on what he feels the piece needs.  
  • Available in black and white or color. Your choice of character subject to approval by Steve. If you are interested in a cover recreation those start at $3,000.  Please contact us for more details.
  • Price is per character and includes minimal to no background.   Piece is brush inked and paper is archival safe bristol.  If you would like a more detailed piece please email for a quote.
  • COLOR: Color is up to Steve.  It is NOT marker.  Usually, Artist colored pencils or watercolor is used.  Regardless, the results are stunning!
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Customer Reviews

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Bruce Bridges
Dr. Strange performs a spell

A very nice original pen/ ink portrait of Dr. Strange performing a spell. The size is 12”x18”. Look closely at the urn and the figures in the urn’s vapors. I have loved the Rude Dude’s artwork ever since his spectacular work on Nexus. He continues to hone his craft and is one of comic’s several great artists. Thank you Steve for this amazing artwork.

Glad you were happy with your commission! Size varies. It's at least 11x17 with pen and ink, but he will often do 12x18'.

Jerry S.
I ordered a pen an

I ordered a pen an ink commission, hand colored, of one of my favorite superhero characters, Captain America. The only request I made was "Captain America in an action pose." What I got was a stunning piece of art that was miles above my expectations. And my expectations were incredibly high! Steve Rude, one of my all-time favorite artists and one of the finest artists ever, supplied a beautiful portrait of Cap that will be professionally framed and hung on my wall in a place of honor forever. Thank you, Steve, it was worth every penny!

David S.
Great is an understatement for

Great is an understatement for this piece re-created by Steve! Amazing, amazing, amazing...I love it!!

Just received my commission from

Just received my commission from the Dude. A very solid piece, with dynamic action and a cool vintage style. I was a bit disappointed to not see the Thing’s face in the drawing.

David S.
Awesome Big Barda commission which

Awesome Big Barda commission which is exactly as I had envisioned and requested. I’m really surprised at how quickly I received too. Thanks much for a great piece of artwork!