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Steve Rude Inked Commission

$ 1,250.00
11x14" marker commission.  Steve will often to these on 11x17" or 12x18" based on what he feels the piece needs.  If you have size restrictions (i.e., no larger than 11x14") please let us know.   Available in black and white or color. Your choice of character subject to approval by Steve. If you are interested in a cover recreation those start at $2,000.  Please contact us for more details. Price is per character.   Piece is brush inked and paper is archival safe bristol. NOTE: If you are not attending a show you are still welcome to place an order.  Show pickup is for your convenience and to ensure your piece gets to you safely! Upcoming shows include: -East Coast Comic-Con (April 11-12)-Baltimore Collectors Con (May 17) (Tentative)-Spectrum Fantastic Art Show (May 22-24)

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