Portrait in Blue:"First Light"

Yo, how it be workin'?

That's right. The Dude makes up his own 'hipster-ease'.

Say, who wants to hear about chronicles of my latest easel work? OK. I'll take that as a yes.

Right now, we've got the Gino in Blue painting in front of me. We've just begun to block it in and it's right in front of me on the easel. And now it's right in front of you on the monitor. Hears how it's done:

First the conception. A painting in all blue. Ok, we've got that down. I picture in my head a beautiful girl stretched out on the bed, gorgeous from the moment she wakes up, 'natch, and she's got the first morning light flooding into her room. Great. So I draw up a rough in my sketchbook and as soon as I'm happy, I take some model shots and proceed to draw it right onto the canvas. Not all painting are "drawn-in" first. When I've got an actual model in front of me, I just start blocking in with paint. It's easier, y'know? Of course you knew that.

But here's the goofy part. Once this washy block-in is done--all the blue tones applied and in their proper place--the painting is practically done. That's right. Done. Everything is just refinement. Incredulous. Bizarre. And true.


Write in care of Mr. Humility.

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