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Steve Rude original art studies done in a range of mediums and places.
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$ 150.00

Size: 14" x 17" Medium: Charcoal Pencil Paper: Sketch Pad Paper Piece says "Various Value/Light Studies 4/99". The torsos in the upper right corner are for a Wonder Woman/BatGirl/Supergirl piece. My scanner only scans up to 12" x 17", so I had to piece this piece together which is why you might see a line running through the piece. Also,...

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$ 249.95

Painting Study. Done in 1995. Approximate Size 15 X 10. Back reads "June 26, 1995 In Pasadena, CA" "Tim Solliday said there's no value distance between front pillars and house. Separation must be clear."

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$ 199.95

Painting Study Outdoor. Done in July 1995. Done on Illustration Board. Size 10X15 This was during the time Steve was going out every Sunday and painting from life. This is an apartment building that was near our house at the time. Back reads "July 13, 1995 Outdoor study Week 3"



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