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Nexus DHP Collection Coming December 2015

Nexus Into the Past and Other Stores

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Nexus is back--and this time the galactic judge, jury, and executioner is stalking history's most dangerous killer--Clayborn--across time itself! But when justice comes at an enormous personal cost to Nexus himself, can the Merc's chosen champion still do what's right?

Collecting Nexus: Into the PastNexus: Bad Moon RisingNexus: Infestation, and Nexus: The Insect Under the Stone from Dark Horse Presents #12-#15, #23-#26 and #29-#34!

Release Date: December 15, 2015

  • April 22, 2015
  • Jaynelle Rude
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April 25, 2015

is this your Doctor Nancy!?