2015-20 Sketchbook Kickstarter

2015-20 Sketchbook Kickstarter

We're back with our 10th sketchbook!  After some family emergencies delayed our 2015 sketchbook, we are once again returning to do another book.  This book will span all 5 missing years.  As a way to say THANKS to those of you who support us, we’re offering some early bird specials again this year! 


Order during the first 3 days and receive an early bird discount!

2020 GOALS

To keep this book at a reasonable page count and shipping cost we are letting the supporters determine the page count.  For every $5,000 raised we will add another 8 pages to the book.  Because more pages means higher printing cost and higher shipping cost we are letting the earliest backers get in on the best price and will raise the price every $5,000 to cover additional expenses for all tiers so get in early, pay less!!



This year we will have 3 covers.  The main cover (Wonder Woman), Alternative Cover (Batman) and a Black Cover.  We plan to print around 500 of the main cover and only enough alternative and blank covers to fulfill orders.

2015-20 Covers

 For more details, go to Kickstarer: www.steverude.com/kickstarter

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