2022 Year in Review

2022 Year in Review

I’ve been informed by the in-home residents that reside within the Dude abode that a end-of-the-year newsletter is due.  Which I think is a good idea.  A yearly overview of one’s doings are always a favorable theme and perhaps of some interest to the fans out there.  It’s something all of us might consider doing for ourselves at the end of each year.

The full version will be going into my 2023 annual sketchbook.  For now, here's the highlights...

22 years ago, Gino and I watched Mr. Silly come into the world.  Everyone else called him Brandon, but I called him Mr. Silly.  He was the funniest baby.  I’d sit in the backseat with him, and he’d make me laugh and laugh.  At some point, I was eventually told by the experts that our little boy had ADDHT.  I still don’t know quite what that means.  It’s one of those things that leaves my mind as quickly as it’s explained to me.  Brandon is 22 now.  I miss the fun days when he was still a baby.  But he grew up, learned that computers were his best friend, and began sporting a mustache.  Bah.

Brandon also finally moved out of the house...and across the country to FLORIDA!  He found himself a great roommate, a good job and I couldn't be more proud of my baby boy.

Did you know the girl I married is going into surgery?  Yeah.  But it’s not for reasons you astute readers might suspect.  Gino has something called Lipedema.  Lipdema boils down to this, so get your pens out and I’ll explain it. 
Lipedema...makes you gain weight. It also causes constant pain and if not taken care of, is as serious as cancer.

When I met her at 21 Jaynelle was a college student, and the full effect of this so-called disease was still some time distant.  Jaynelle looked like Miss America with a figure like Marilyn Monroe.  She completely and utterly took my breath away.  I still think back to those early dating days with stars in my eyes and swelling in my heart.  Lipedema or no lipedema, she’s still the most beautiful girl in the world to me.  And smart girl that she was, gave me the usual to male mandate marry her within 5 years or else.  But for now, surgery, air travel to Atlanta, and several grand later (for surgery #1 of 4…whew!), she’s now in the hands of the specialists for the foreseeable.


Now you all know by now, I don’t call things by their “normal” names.  Dogs are “blowhards”, and cats are “diks”.  Makes sense right?   Of course it does.  Well, a new blowhard and new dik have now found permanent residence within our be-it-ever-so-humble home.  Kirby hangs out with me the most, as the often shown You-Tube vids will attest as he rests on my shoulders or in my lap while attempting to ink my latest Nexus pages.  The things I put up with...

And let’s not forget Super--the “Super little Kid”!  That would be Jessica, our little girl. Thankfully, Jessica has a lot of Momma in her.  And some Daddy as well.  Well, nobody’s perfect.  Jessica will go on to do good things.  Maybe make the headlines someday.  She’ll surpass her Dad in many ways.
Bored yet about hearing family news?  Well, that OK.  It over now. 
So that’s the years in review as recommended and demanded by the wife.  Honestly, there’s enough edge-of-your-seat exploits taking place at the board alone and all the trials involved in the latest paintings and “The Battle for Thuneworld” Nexus pages I’ve done to keep you glued to your easy chair.  All promising to be legion in their complexity and exalted, high-culture relevance.
Till next time...
Or next year...
Be good to your pets and bagged collectibles.
Mortality waits for us all,
The humble Dude
Dec.  2022

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