2023 "The Battle for Thuneworld" Collector's Edition #4 Comic Strip KICKSTARTER

2023 "The Battle for Thuneworld" Collector's Edition #4 Comic Strip KICKSTARTER

The Rude Dude team is bringing Steve Rude's comic strip, "The Battle for Thuneworld" to life! With our brand-new Kickstarter campaign that will be launching next month in July, we have been working endlessly in preparation for when the project goes LIVE. This will be the 4th preview of "The Battle for Thuneworld", as it revolves around Nexus traveling to the mystifying planet, Thune, to rescue his best friend's son, Dave. 

For those who might've missed out, collector's editions #1-3 are already out and available to purchase! Click HERE or visit www.steverude.com/thuneworld

A teaser page that will be inside the fourth collector's edition of The Battle for Thuneworld

(a teaser image that will be shown inside the comic)

Lookout for the upcoming Kickstarter! We'll let you know when the project goes live through Steve's socials! Follow them below so you don't miss out on the latest Nexus news!

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