To the Exceptional People who continue to support Nexus

On January 11, 2016, we at Rude Dude Productions will be releasing the first official Nexus comic strip.  This groundbreaking strip will be released in three ways: 

  1. Online, once a week on Monday via our website, one strip at a time. 

  2. We’ll also be printing up a newspaper version of these strips for mailing once a month starting February 2016. This is the version I’m most anticipating your reactions to, because as with most of us, I grew up reading the Sunday paper comic strips.  Reserve your copy by January 15, we're selling out quickly!

  3. Finally, starting February 3, 2016, we will be releasing a digital version of the printed paper via Comixology the first Wednesday of every month! 

So for those who have requested the print version, what you’ll be getting is an actual full-size (17" x 22.5") newspaper arriving at your doorstep, in full color, with all the grand story excitement and expectant cliffhanger endings that made this once world-prominent art form so anticipated among every country over the entire globe.

The importance of launching Nexus in comic strip form is this:

  1. It brings back the full-page format, as was the customary practice in major newspapers for almost 60 years.
  1. Other than the tried and true strips of yesteryear, as with the great Prince Valiant and the still internationally popular Phantom, there are few, if any, industry recognized creators adapting new, original characters to the adventure comic strip format.

I recall a quote from Far Side creator, Gary Larson, when asked about how much enjoyment people got from reading his zany brand of humor, to which he replied, “Well, it’s not like the people who draw comic strips are curing cancer or anything.”

Shocking but true--Comic strip creators don’t cure cancer.  Doctors cure cancer. 

While awaiting that day of universal remedy, we offer;

Nexus, the weekly comic strip.  Coming January 11, 2016, at

It won’t cure the common cold.  But it may make the time having it more bearable.

Into the Light, and forward to the future,

Steve Rude
--Publisher of Rude Dude Productions, llc
--co-creator and artist of Nexus

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