Free Worldwide Shipping FAQ for Kickstarter & IndieGoGo Projects

Free Worldwide Shipping FAQ for Kickstarter & IndieGoGo Projects

As an exclusive and our way to say THANKS for supporting our projects, we are offering FREE WORLDWIDE shipping on orders over $200 for our current kickstarter and indiegogo projects.

How do I get free shipping?  It's EASY...

--If you were part of the original fundraiser you should automatically have free shipping and we are happy to manually adjust before charging you any add on items that have shipping

--If you were not part of the original fundraiser follow the below steps and we are happy to help you out:

  1. Place your order online at or all the way through checkout.  You do not have to give a payment method.
  2. Email us at and let us know you qualify for free shipping and you would like your order manually adjusted.  We just need the email and name you used when placing the order.
  3. We will make the adjustment and send you a link to complete checkout
  4. If you wish to add items from the online store use the code KICKSTARTERCOMBINE for free shipping - we will match up the order or email you for further information if we cannot find your order. 

If I didn't get free shipping, but added on things and now qualify can I get refunded my shipping?

--Unfortunately, no.  We can give you a store credit, however.  These books are so expensive to produce that we spent 100% of the rasied funds, most of the profits from other fundraisers plus out of pocket funds just to get these books to you.

The original kickstarter Gourmando project did not have free shipping.  It did not, however, it had overall lower prices and more exclusives and options.

If I paid for shipping in Kickstarter, can I add extra items on for free?

--Possibly, depending on your level and how much you paid for shipping.  Email us with your order information and what you would like to add on and we'll send you an updated shipping amount.

Please send any questions to or use the chat box here.  We'll get back to you as soon as we are able!

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