Gourmando Hardcover Shipping Delays - Free Download for Presales

Gourmando Hardcover Shipping Delays - Free Download for Presales


Cargo ships are still in high demand, the highest in recent history!  Our printer missed their May 20th deadline for the cargo ship we had them scheduled for.  We were lucky to find space on another cargo ship leaving port this week.  Once the books are in the water and on a vessel we will have an updated estimated schedule for you.  It takes 4-6 weeks for the ship to travel to the USA, then from there fingers crossed they can get into port quickly and not have to wait.  Sometimes they are stuck waiting for several weeks.  Once the vessel is docked and cleared by customs it should take about another week to travel to us here in Arizona then we can start shipping out to you!


For a limited time, we are offering 2 files for each book (TPB/Deluxe).  1 files is under 100 mb and the other is the larger file that should look good on a computer.  If you ordered a copy of the hardcover book we are adding a FREE digital download to your order.  You must have completed checkout and the order needs to be paid in full before the download will be visible.  If have any issues or can't find your download please email us at rudekickstarter@gmail.com. 
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