Gourmando TPB Shipping, Hardcover for Presale

Gourmando TPB Shipping, Hardcover for Presale

If you haven't ordered your copy of Gourmando do it before it sells out.  We ordered only 1,000 copies of the trade paperback, 250 copies of the limited edition, and only 500 copies of the regular deluxe edition.

ORDER TODAY: www.SteveRude.com/gourmando

What's the difference between the editions?

The TPB (aside from it's smaller size) includes the Coming of Gourmando story along with Nexus: The Origin Remastered, an 11 page Painted Sundra Peale story originally published in Dark Horse Presents, and most of the extras included with the hardcover (Including Out There, Eggbird, the Moth, and letter columns).

Both hardcovers have identical interiors with the exception of a signed plate sewn into the limited edition that is signed by both Mike Baron and Steve Rude.  The limited edition is also numbered, comes in a slipcase and is shrinkwrapped!

Here's a quick summary of what's inside:


NOTE: The bonus items were included for the kickstarter only (though some are still available for a limited time with presale sets!)  Also, final size was increased 12x17"

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