Nexus Animated & Thuneworld Crowdfunding

Nexus Animated & Thuneworld Crowdfunding

We're funded on Kickstarter and now launched on Indiegogo! 

How Heavy is Thuneworld?  If you missed Steve chatting about Thuneworld and the creation of more new Nexus check it out here on YouTube:


We are supporting the creation of new Nexus via our Crowdfunding. Gourmando (Nexus Newspaper V1) took more than 5 years to create and the total cost to create/produce and ship came in at around $150,000 with the tally still rising.  We raised around $80,000 and the balance was out of pocket.

THUNEWORLD (Nexus Newspaper V2): To support the creation of V2, we are breaking up the inks into 5 high quality COLLECTOR'S EDITION ashcans!  The first one is 40 pages and contain:

  • ORIGINAL UNEDITED script pages (for first 19 story pages)
  • ORIGINAL UNEDITED inks (first 19 pages)
  • Penciled pages for several of the inked pages

Our main platform is Kickstarter, however, Indiegogo has some great packages as well as a 2nd chance to get in on Early Bird pricing!

To ensure goals are met, we launched Kickstarter and once that funds we launch on Indiegogo.  Indiegogo also has InDemand which allows the project to keep running past funding.  We keep Indiegogo InDemand running until books are in house and shipping is complete on the current campaign. 

We normally do not have a huge overprinting so extras are usually offered in limited supply during the next Kickstarter so to guarantee you get your copy it's best to get in on the initial Kickstarter.



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