Steve looks back to 1986 and EIEIO

Steve looks back to 1986 and EIEIO


How was it I happened to be at that local Madison Bar on Washington Street during that summer night of 1986?  Probably because I was invited.  The Music Reviewer for a local Campus newspaper, Mike Baron, was looking for new material, such as the band that was playing that night.  I was encouraged to tag along.  That night, a four piece, Rockabilly Pop band were celebrating their album release party, their first, before a capacity crowd that was warmed up long before anyone took the stage.

Here's what I remember:  I remember songs so unique and catchy that they buzz-sawed through whatever expectations I had for this local band trying to attract notice.  Their name, EIEIO, was more than the real deal.  If it wasn't, then the memories of 40 years later would've diminished long ago.  The album they were celebrating, Land of Opportunity had not a single song not worthy of chart-climbing status.  I don't see pure magic that often in life, but that night I did.  All coming from the stage and the riotous crowd that was clearly as overwhelmed as I was.

The singer, always the guy front and center, was a handsome, youthful person with a startling unique voice, seemingly custom-made for the kind of material they produced.  I was stunned by this vocalist, Steve Summers, and after all this time, still am.

This real deal never ascended to the precipice of high success that they easily could've had.  It also means they avoided the insanity that fame forces upon them, that seems to overtake every band that wants that no 1 blasting through their car radio.  That old Chinese sentiment of wish fulfillment may have somehow intervened before the damage could've taken place.  

To me, they had already made every #1 chart position from the time I saw them on stage that night.   Very rare to not have dashed expectations with most local bands.  Like a pop fly that is hit so high it moves beyond our sight, EIEIO songs still seem to linger in the stratosphere.  When you had the talent these 4 had, that ball is still hovering comfortably in the sky.

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