Steve Rude on unexpected truths

Steve Rude on unexpected truths

My life has been spent as a journey of exploration.  What is the reality behind learning, getting better at something, and when encountering a problem, how in heck do I solve it?  This pursuit is ongoing and perpetual.  We’re all just students. 
We all have to spend our lives doing something, right?  While others race cars, sidekick people in a dojo, immerse themselves in numbers and solving the origins of the universe, or practicing to learn a perfect crochet knot, being an artist is what I do.  I face off with the paper to see where I’m at every day.  It’s the perfect challenge for someone like me.
Another unexpected truth is, is that with time, the steps involve in a painting can become more “interchangeable”.  My latest thing is to throw myself in a work and find a way to bail myself out.  To me, it’s a great truth serum to find out what you’re made of.  I certainly wouldn’t have been ready for this at 32, but then, I’m not 32 any more.  At my current age, 62, I’m ready to go for it. 

Into the light,

The Dude
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Just thought I would drop a line saying I am rereading all of Nexus and LOVE the original artwork and coloring.

That’s all. Rod from Madison

Rod Melotte

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