Winning Videographers

Winning Videographers

Congratulations to both Pete Barnstorm and Vinny Desiderioscioli (Yo! Vinny Productions).  Both have been chosen to be the official editors for Rude Dude Productions.

Why 2 editors?  Truth is, deciding a single winner for our
worldwide editing call was difficult.  Of the many that applied for the job, they simply outclassed the others by bringing more unique things to the table.  And that's what I was looking for--something out of the ordinary.  Ordinary I can find anywhere.  So, I reasoned, if they're both that good at what they do, why not have 2 editors instead of one?

From here, they will both alternate with editing duties.  And with all the vids that still need editing, no one gets overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. 

When they receive any new vids to edit, the first order is to do their own thing and have fun with it.  Yes, fun!  After that, they'll go over things together with Steve and try and bring things to a fine polish.  Rude Dude wants to be different from all the other semi-amateur productions out there.  With the 3 of them working together, that'll be their goal.

So congratulations again and let's see how creative and great-looking everything we do together can be.

Videos are funded by PATREON:

For the challenge, all videographers edited footage of Steve painting Yvonne Strauhouski.  Vinny won the overall challenge and his video will premiere Saturday, October 17th, 12:00 PM MST on YouTube...

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