Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us using the chat icon or the contact form.


Use the CONTACT US page on the website or email to  

If you are a fan wanting Steve to come to your city, contact the con organizer and ask them to invite Steve as a guest.

Patreon supporters at the $19 level may preorder a commission at show prices.  Otherwise, presale rates are the same as regular show rates.

Prices are the same as con prices.

  • 5 Items for FREE
  • $5 per signature after that
  • $20 CGC signataures

CGC items can be done at home.  Please complete all the necessary forms and mail them with your item.  We will sign and forward everything to CGC for processing.  We charge $50 for the at home CGC signing.


  • Steve reserves the right to reject/refund any ideas he does not want to draw. 
  • Prices listed are for single characters
  • Basic or no backgrounds at his discretion unless otherwise stated. 
  • Background: If you want a background, detailed background, or have an elaborate request, please contact us for a quote. 
  • Steve usually does marker commissions on 11x14 bristol and pen and ink on 11x17, but reserves the right to make them bigger if he feels necessary at no extra charge.

CONTACT US if you have any questions regarding commissions.  

The current turn around time is 

  • 2-4 weeks for Trading Cards
  • 4-12 weeks for Marker Commissions
  • 1-2 months for Painted Portraits
  • 1-2 months for Painted Full Figures

If you need your sketch at a specific time let us know and we'll do our best to meet the deadline, but industry work will come first.

View the CALENDAR (About>Calendar) to find out where Steve will be appearing!



  • $150 B&W
  • $250 Color


  • $300 single figure portrait (head) sketch on 9x12 paper, b&w marker
  • $400 single figure portrait (head) sketch on 9x12 paper, color marker


  • $400 per figure (full figure) in black and white marker on 11x14 Bristol
  • $500 per figure (full figure) color marker on 11x14 Bristol


  • $500 per figure (full figure) in black and white marker on 11x14 Bristol
  • $750 per figure (full figure) color marker on 11x14 Bristol


  • RAW: 1 FREE then $10 EA
  • CGC: $20 EA



      • $199.99 Black & White Marker
      • $299.99 Color Marker


      • $449.99 single figure portrait (head) sketch on 9x12 paper, b&w marker
      • $499.99 single figure portrait (head) sketch on 9x12 paper, color marker


      • $749.99 per figure (full figure) in black and white marker on 11x14 Bristol
      • $999.99 per figure (full figure) color marker on 11x14 Bristol


      • $1499.95 per figure pen and ink on 11x17 Bristol
      • $2,999.99 per figure pen and ink w/color (not marker) (Steve's choice medium
      • Cover recreation pricing varies by cover, please inquire for pricing and include an image of the cover.


      • $1,499.99 per figure portrait (head) painting on 11x14 Bristol


    • Please send inquiry for pricing.  Generally starts at $5,000 for smaller pieces.  Turn around is generally 3-6 months, but could be longer depending on current workload.

Short answer: not often. 

If you have your eye on a commission there are "back in stock" notifications that will send you an email or SMS when we open them up.  You'll be the very first to know!

Steve only takes a limited amount of commissions at a time.  For marker commissions you'll need to wait until they open up.  All the different styles have a "Message Me When Back in Stock" button.  This will notify you as soon as we open up the list!

If you're interested in a larger commission or something more detailed, please contact us. 

For any commissions under $1,000, payment is due in full before work begins. 

For commissions over $1,000, we break it down into 3 payments and give you a rough sketch for approval before he begins unless it's a cover reproduction.

  • 25% due before work starts
  • 50% due on approval of rough (roughs included with final painting)
  • 25% due when Steve is finished with painting before shipping

Time payment options are available with ShopPay or PayPal during checkout.  With these options, you agree to the full price in advance and the painting is delivered on completion as we are paid in full right away.

Creating Comic Books

Comic books generally have UPC codes because they are seriels, however, graphic novels are eligible for ISBNs.

Writing a comic script involves a few steps. Here is a general outline of how to write a comic script:

  1. Come up with your story idea: Before you start writing your comic script, you need to have a clear idea of what your story is about. This can be a fully-formed idea or just a concept that you want to develop further.

  2. Plan your story: Once you have your story idea, you need to start planning the details of your story. This involves creating an outline of the major plot points and deciding on the overall structure of your story.

  3. Write a synopsis: The next step is to write a brief synopsis of your story. This should be no more than a page or two and should give a general overview of your story.

  4. Write your script: Now you can start writing your actual script. There are different ways to write a comic script, but most follow a similar format. The script should include panel descriptions, dialogue, and any other necessary information.

  5. Format your script: Once you have finished writing your script, you need to format it properly. This involves using the correct spacing, margins, and font size. There are many templates available online that you can use to format your script.

  6. Edit your script: After you have formatted your script, you should read through it carefully and make any necessary edits. This is also a good time to get feedback from others and make any changes based on their suggestions.

  7. Submit your script: Once you are happy with your script, you can submit it to publishers or start working on bringing it to life yourself.

Remember, writing a comic script takes time and practice. Keep working at it and don't be afraid to make mistakes or ask for feedback along the way.

When steve inks his comics he works on "18 x 24" paper.

Ussally Steve works on Bristol paper so that he can plan out the whole page of the comic.

Ussally comics are drawn digitaly but Steve prefers to work traditionally, unless we use a digital colorist, so Steve would do all the line art and the professional colorist would color it in and polish it.

The materials you need to make comics will depend on your specific process and style. Here are some common materials that comic creators use:

  1. Paper: You will need paper to draw your comic panels and pages. The type of paper you choose will depend on your preference and the tools you use. Bristol board, drawing paper, or comic book paper are commonly used.

  2. Pencils: Pencils are used to sketch out the initial drawings of your comic. Many comic artists prefer to use a range of graphite pencils to create different line weights.

  3. Inking tools: Once you have your pencil sketches, you will need to ink over them to create the final line art. Some common inking tools include pens, markers, and brushes.

  4. Erasers: Erasers are used to correct mistakes and clean up your drawings. Kneaded erasers and vinyl erasers are popular choices.

  5. Rulers and other measuring tools: Rulers, T-squares, and other measuring tools can help you create precise layouts and panels.

  6. Drawing tablets and software: Many comic artists work digitally using drawing tablets and software such as Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint.

  7. Color mediums: If you plan on coloring your comics, you will need color mediums such as markers, colored pencils, or digital coloring tools.

  8. Lettering tools: You will need tools to add lettering to your comics, such as pens or software with built-in lettering tools.

  9. Reference materials: Reference materials such as books, photos, and other artwork can help you create accurate and dynamic illustrations.

Remember, these are just some of the materials you may need to make comics. The specific tools and materials you use will depend on your process and style.

He makes bronze age style comics 

why would someone want to make bronze style comic books? 

The Bronze Age of Comics, which lasted from the early 1970s to the mid-1980s, is considered by many to be a golden era of comic book storytelling. There are several reasons why someone might want to make comics in the Bronze Era style:

  1. Rich storytelling: The Bronze Age of Comics was characterized by more complex and mature storylines. Creators were given more creative freedom to explore darker themes and more nuanced characters, which resulted in some of the most memorable story arcs in comic book history.

  2. Artistic style: The Bronze Age of Comics saw a shift in the artistic style of comics. Creators began experimenting with different visual styles, resulting in more dynamic and detailed artwork. The use of color in comics also became more sophisticated during this era, adding to the overall visual appeal.

  3. Cultural significance: The Bronze Age of Comics was a time of significant cultural change, and many of the stories from this era reflected the social and political issues of the time. This makes the comics from this era particularly relevant and resonant today, and creating comics in this style can be a way to pay tribute to this important period in history.

Overall, making comics in the Bronze Age style can be a way to tap into a rich tradition of storytelling and artistry, while also paying homage to a cultural moment that had a profound impact on the comic book industry and beyond.

Steve utilizes Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay black India ink in his work. This particular type of ink is known for its high-quality, richly-pigmented color, and is a preferred choice among many professional artists. By using this ink, Steve is able to achieve a deep, bold black hue that adds a striking element to his art pieces

Certainly, utilizing references is essential in all forms of art, and Steve acknowledges and incorporates this practice into his work."


No, As a Buisiness, we prioritize the security and privacy of our customers. That's why we want to assure you that we do not keep any payment information, such as credit or debit card details, on file. Your transactions with us are processed securely and any payment information you provide is immediately encrypted for added protection

We accept various forms of payment for our commissioned artwork, including debit and credit cards, as well as cash. Additionally, we offer the option to pay in installments, as long as the full amount is received upon completion of the project.

The cost of a commissioned artwork varies based on several factors, including the level of detail required and the type of commission requested. For instance, the complexity of the artwork, such as the inclusion of backgrounds or specific details, may affect the overall cost. Additionally, the type of commission purchased, whether it be a headshot, trading card, or a medium such as markers, watercolors, oils, etc., can also impact the price. Finally, we also offer a rush fee for expedited requests. Please feel free to contact us for a quote based on your specific needs and requirements.

We have a clear refund policy in place for our customers. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the artwork for a full refund. Once we have received the returned artwork, we will issue a refund to the original payment method. Please note that we reserve the right to resell the returned artwork in our store. Thank you for your understanding and we hope that our policy will provide peace of mind in your purchase

Certainly, we do allow for revisions via email. However, please note that any excessive revisions or changes beyond the agreed-upon scope of the commission may incur additional fees


We understand that receiving a damaged package can be frustrating, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If your package is damaged during shipping, please reach out to us as soon as possible and we'll work with you to resolve the issue. We take customer satisfaction seriously and will do our best to make it right

  1. thoroughly inspect the package and inssure there are no marks, obvious marks,skratches or any other imperfections
  2. email us at and provide pictures and info about your specific issue 
  3. Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your interest and will make every effort to respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible. Please note that due to high volume or other factors, it may take us 3-5 business days to provide a response. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience in the meantime


Thank you for your order. We wanted to let you know that you will receive an email notification as soon as your package has been shipped. This email will include any tracking information that is available, so you can keep an eye on the progress of your delivery. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please don't hesitate to reach out to us..

if you have any questions refer to