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The essence of the pose.

This beautiful set of drawings are a visual haiku; stripped of all detail yet communicating the essence wonderfully. Steve Rude is always conscious of form as the basis for drawing. He has the animator's talent for seeing forms as 3 dimensional objects in a 2D space. We're lucky to have him.

Form over detail.

This drawing is a zen like image; it appears simple but contains a wealth of information beneath the surface. Steve Rude has internalized forms moving through space and working in unison to create depth. He prioritizes gesture, proportion and basic forms which is why his art is consistently superb and rewards close study for students.

The Emerald Guardian, Green Lantern, at his very best!

Once again, The Dude has produced a true work of art. This is the second in a series of full figure painted portraits that Steve created for me. The first featured Batman. The commissioning process went smoothly with Jaynelle communicating with me every step of the way. I was able to see a rough before the piece was finished. To the Rudes, you’ve got a friend and customer for life. Thanks again!

A good product

A really good Superman print.

1990s Sue Storm FF Commission

Since I am an acrylic painter and artist myself, this commission was for Steve to draw Sue in a pencil pose wearing her 1990s FF uniform conceived of by the late, great Paul Ryan. And Steve drew a unique pose for Sue. Not a pin up pose but more like something one sees in a comic panel, it was now my challenge to fill out the rest of the painting. So I put the 1990s villain Malice in the painting and a lot of Paul Ryan inspired FF HQ tech too. The long and the short : Steve gave me exactly what I asked for. His wonderful wife Jaynelle handles all the particulars of shipping and handling, so no worries there. Very professional. But I wouldn't expect anything less from a great like Steve Rude !

Woman in Negligee Study
Woman in Negligee Study

Gorgeous piece. Arrived in great condition!

Nexus Face Hoodie XL
Christian Russell
Nexus Face Hoodie XL

Excellent image. Hoodie is high quality. It has a picture of Nexus on it, so you know it is excellent.

Dr. Strange performs a spell

A very nice original pen/ ink portrait of Dr. Strange performing a spell. The size is 12”x18”. Look closely at the urn and the figures in the urn’s vapors. I have loved the Rude Dude’s artwork ever since his spectacular work on Nexus. He continues to hone his craft and is one of comic’s several great artists. Thank you Steve for this amazing artwork.

Glad you were happy with your commission! Size varies. It's at least 11x17 with pen and ink, but he will often do 12x18'.

Great piece of art!

Beautiful! Arrived quickly and in pristine condition! A+++ seller!

An Absolutely Stunning Collection

The Dude has not lost a step, if anything he’s better than ever. Beautifully designed and full of amazing work in all stages including some unedited Superman pages. I didn’t know what my life was missing but it turns out it was a Steve Rude drawing of Apache Chief fighting Galactus.

A super print

A really good product.

Nexus newsp

It’s great. I also have the newspaper signed color Sunday versions.

Bought tpb

It arrived early and in perfect condition

Sketchtember 2022 Day 29 Superman

This calls for hyperspeed!

What it is! I recently got my 10 year-old son intro Nexus (finally! We’re up to # 12 as of tonight) and he loves it! I bought the Capital issues off the rack (that’s what we’ve been reading). I had to explain why Nexus is not as well-known as spider-Man or Batman (His words: “Nexus is just as good!”); “Yeah, but who owns Nexus? If DC or Marvel owned him, more people would know about him, but as it stands, The Creators own him, at least, for good or ill.” Thanks for never blemishing the legacy of this great character and world in deed or in quality. My son was excited when I told him you had a website, so we got on and got some excellent shirts (your small size fit him almost perfectly and we’re about ready to dig into the dvd. I’ve also never read gourmando, so I’m very excited for new Nexus! Thanks for keeping the best comic going and guess what the first thing I’ll do if I ever get an animation studio to run?

great product

Great paper, nice book. As for the content…Steve Rude is one of the best artists in the world of comics!

Superb service!

The art pieces were great and I got it in the mail very quickly!

Just what I needed

The Draw Nexus (2006): How to Tips and Techniques Download has been a great help for me in pre production work. I've been using it especially in how to draw construction mannequins and use it as a guide on how to make model sheets. I definitely recommend it.

Nexus Chronicles
Peter Fadness
Long Time Fan

Been a fan of Steve Rude's work since the beginning of Nexus. This is a real treat to see his process and his pencils--which are amazing. This is a real treasure of a book.

Nexus Chronicles
Richard Garcia
Excellent shop and artist!

Awesome book, excellent packaging and shipping! So grateful Steve has a signed option, the signature is a work of art in itself

Nexus Chronicles
Javier Hernandez
Nexus Chronicles

A fantastic collection! Seeing the pencil work for every page is an educational experience. Overall the entire production is very well curated and crafted.

Space opera

Nothing better then the Rude Dude genius. Renaissance skills in a comic.

THE DUDE delivers!!

I have Mr. Rude’s Artist in Motion book but finally ordered the Nexus Chronicles. I’ve been viewing it on the site for ages but when I saw the Kayfabe video on it I figured there would be a rush. Glad I didn’t wait!!! A detailed, thorough walk through the talents and process of a master. My only regrets are that I waited this long and I didn’t opt for a sketch or signature. Next time!! Thank you Mr. Rude and the site team for getting it in my grubby hands so quickly. It looks beautiful next to my copy of Artist in Motion.

Nexus Chronicles
John Mungiello

Nexus Chronicles

Love This Shirt

Nothing better than wearing Steve Rude art