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Superman WW II

It is properly matted and framed and hanging in my living room where I can see it from my desk. It's a treasure.

Nexus Chronicles
Patrick P. Zaretski, Esq.
Better than I ever imagined it would be!

I’m going to replicate my February 27th e-mail to you right here:

Oh, Steve and Jaynelle, I can’t put into words or even begin to describe my absolute love of your sketch — I’m not sure if anyone ever told you that they cried when they saw your artwork, but I was so touched, so absolutely floored, and moved, that I was sobbing hard for five straight minutes. I’ve never had anyone in my entire life take my words and turn them into a warm and beautiful, not to mention touching and human image. It’s a moment in my life I’ll never ever forget, and I am stunned still that you were able to reach into my mind and capture just what I wanted without even knowing it myself! And didn’t you just capture Horatio’s and Badger’s personalities completely? Just seeing Badger reach out with a Milk-Bone, my Michael’s favorite treat, that was the icing on the cake. Whenever I will look at your sketch for the rest of my life, I’m going to see Christian, Luke, and Michael, and that’s priceless. Again, going way back to Nexus covers and interiors, you always had beagles in them; it’s obvious that you love them as much as I do.

Just let me know if you want to reproduce this in any of your sketchbooks or anywhere else. Not only will I buy that book too, but I’ll promote it any way I can! That’s how proud I am of what you both did for me, and it’s a great way to pay you back for the many many years of reading happiness you brought me.

Boy do I hope that this e-mail makes it to you, LOL! Jaynelle, Dude, you’re the best!! Thanks again for one of the happiest memories I’ve ever had. Best regards and best to your whole family!

So glad you were happy with it and thanks for sending over the pic of your hound dog. Steve really loved doing your commission and we used our own Chloe hound dog for reference.

Saturn girl

Wonderful retro styling.

Another great piece

Steve did a commission of Tundro from The Herculoids and it's fantastic!

Green Goblin

As always, when Steve does a commission, he keeps the characters on model and also adds his particular flair! Thanks again!

Fantastic reading material along with a beautiful, detailed worked out sketch!

What is there left to say about The Dude and Nexus? All the superlatives in the world are not enough to do The Dude and Nexus justice. Just easily one of the greatest comic book artists that has ever graced our little planet, an artist that strives for perfection, that continues to hone his craft every single day; something that many artists of this day and age just can´t seem to fathom!

The order arrived in perfect condition and the proces went smoothly. In fact, I was so happy with this purchase that I immediately bought a few more items for the store hah! :)

Signature Option
Stephen Warner
Steve Rude commissions

They are awesome. I asked for a Superman and Thor head illustration, and they are both outstanding! Well worth the price!

Action Comics Annual

Glad I got it despite the clown on Twitter who said this: “Sorry, you’re a 50s-something dork whose brain was oxygen-deprived at birth. Lol. Superman comics! Do you put them next to your dad’s hand-me-down Penthouse mags? Grow up, weirdo.” I’ll be nice towards the jackass and say some people don’t appreciate art or reality for that matter. Steve, it’s another great cover and your art is timeless. Thanks.

Gourmando Trade Paperback (Kickstarter Version)

Rawhide Kid painting

The delivered painting was fantastic. It was exactly what I was looking for. First chance I get I planed to see about getting another commission.

Steve Rude Sketchbook 2015-20

This sketchbook is the bomb! Lots of figures and examples of how Mr. Rude composes his work. Love the Wonder Woman interpretations.

Action Comics #1050 Steve Rude 1:100 variant signed

This is such a beautiful cover. I love the raw power shown in this illustration. Steve Rude is truly a master artist and I am so glad to add this book to my personal collection. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Rude for all your kindness.

The Dude astounds!

I was knocked by my Steve Rude sketch and so glad he was willing to take on drawing Steve Canyon, a character for which he probably doesn’t get many requests!

Batman Marker Sketch

I've been a huge fan of Steve Rudes for ages and have always wanted some of his original artwork. It doesn't disappoint, I know Steve gets asked to draw Batman a lot so I appreciate him doing this. The turn around time was super fast and everyone I dealt with was very professional. Thank you!
- Rodney Carreiro


Steve Rude is my all-time favorite artist, and when he opened his commissions list up I knew I had to have one. This illustration he delivered is STUNNING. I can't believe I am lucky enough to own it!


It was so great I just love look it a nice drawing of Nexus in color

Gourmando Trade Paperback (Kickstarter Version)

Nexus! Quality T-shirt!

I love my Nexus T-shirt! Comfortable cotton big name brand Tee instead of cheap itchy crap. Solid centered quality screen printing. Wanted this design badly in the '80's. Love it!

The Dude deliverers

The Dude delivers
The Dude is awesome
Get your prints, art and sketchbooks from the Dude.

The dude delivers

Always great to deal with the dude

Big, beautiful print!

Colorful and epic in only the way the Dude can do!

Action Comics 1050 1:100 signed and remarked

I have loved Steve Rude's art since he started in the early 80's and still do. I got to meet the Rude's at the Mid-Ohio comic convention over a decade ago, and if you get the chance, I highly recommend stopping by and saying "hey". They are a wonderful couple who love what they are doing and it shows. I can't wait until they are at another show close to me.

2022 Sketchbook
Anthony Figueroa
Steve Rude: Master and Student

The 2022 Steve Rude sketchbook is an outstanding collection of finished pieces and of others in various states of completion. These latter images are accompanied by Steve's notes to himself. These observations are invaluable for understanding not just the "how" of his art but the "why" of his choices. Steve approaches his work with the probing mindset of a student on a lifelong quest to expand his multifaceted approach. We are all better for his willingness to share his journey with us. Steve Rude is both master and pupil.

Quick ship from wonderful artist

I was pleasantly surprised at such quick shipping, especially for a signed copy from such a legend. Great experience

Gorgeous, Dynamic Art

Beautiful, large prints.