About Steve

Born 12/31/56, Madison, Wisconsin
Current Home: Litchfield Park, Arizona

Steve Rude’s career began in 1981 with his and co-creator Mike Baron’s groundbreaking “Nexus” comic series. This space saga catapulted Rude into the field of comics, where he became highly sought after by major publishers. During his first few years in the industry, Rude’s efforts led to numerous awards, such as the 1984 Russ Manning Newcomer Award, the Kirby Award for best artist in 1986, and numerous Eisner’s for artistic achievement. For over two decades, Rude has drawn hundreds of comic’s greatest iconic heroes, and has galvanized the art world as a comic magazine artist and illustrator.

Steve considers himself an art student. The desire to better his craft with each new project shows an expressive and caring approach. He holds deep appreciation for the illustrators who have come before. By studying the works of such masters as Andrew Loomis, John Gannam, Harry Anderson, Jack Kirby, and Russ Manning, Rude continues to perfect his talent. The result is an artist with the discipline and training of the grand illustrators from the 1930s to 1950s. Rude applies this knowledge to his true passion of modern comic books. Currently, Rude’s focus is on bringing back the comic strip online and in paper form with his award winning comic book, Nexus.


Freelance Artist
Worked for all the major comic book publishers including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Dark Horse Comics, drawing all the major characters including Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Thor, X-Men, Captain America, and many more.                            

Guest Lecturer/ Art Demonstrations/ Workshops
Steve has lectured all over the world including a 3 day workshop in Alaska, a portrait demo at the San Diego Comic-Con, and an art demonstration at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy and Scottsdale Artist School in Arizona. Attended numerous comic book conventions in the US and internationally as a special guest or guest of honor.


  • Russ Manning Award 1984        Best Newcomer
  • Kirby Award 1986                       Best Artist, for Nexus
  • Will Eisner Award 1988              Best Art Team Rude/ Blyberg/Steacy
  • Will Eisner Award 1988/1991     Best Artist
  • Will Eisner Award 1993              Best Single Issue Nexus: The Origin
  • Will Eisner Award 1993              Best Penciller
  • Will Eisner Award 1993              Best Writer-Artist Team Mike Baron, Steve Rude
  • Will Eisner Award 1996              Best Limited Series, Nexus; Wages of Sin
  • Will Eisner Award 1997              Best Penciller
  • Will Eisner Award 1998              Best Cover Artist
  • SPECTRUM Annual (1998-2009 except 2008 (did not enter))
  • BigFanBoy Award 2006              Outstanding Achievement in Comics
  • Superman of Metropolis 2007    Awarded by the Mayor of Metropolis, IL
  • Ospite di Lucca Comics & Games 2008 Citta di Lucca
  • First place, Portrait, Casa Grande Plein Aire Competition February 2012


  • Steve Rude One-Man Gallery Show, MATC, 1987
  • SPECTURM Gallery Show (2003) New York, NY
  • Juried into Sun Dust Gallery“Rhythm, Movement, and/or Music” September 2009
  • Juried into Sun Dust Gallery “A Real Art Show” October 2009
  • Juried into Sun Dust Gallery “5 Elements Show” June 2010
  • Juried into Nude Nite – Tampa March 2011
  • Juried into Segil Fine Art’s “Tell Me a Story” June-August 2011
  • Juried into Barrett Art Center’s New Directions ‘12
  • Juried into Ironside Gallery’s “Spring Obsession 2012”
  • Juried into “Nude but not Rude” and did a live demo opening night, July 2012
  • Juried into International Guild of Realism 8th Annual Exhibition, Oct 2013
  • Juried into Salon International, March 2014
  • ART360 Private Art Show, Arizona Science Center, November 2014
  • Marvel Universe Travelling Exhibition 2018-2021
  • Juried into International Guild of Realism Spring Exhibition,March 2020


  • MSA (currently MIAD), Milwaukee, WI 1977-1978
  • MATC, Madison, WI 1980-1983
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 1984
  • Gregg Kreutz Workshops, Wisconsin/Texas 1987-1993
  • Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA 1988
  • John Asaro Workshop, 1989
  • California Art Institute, Westlake Village, CA 1993
  • Scottsdale Art School, Scottsdale, AZ 2003-2004
  • Carolyn Anderson Workshop, Scottsdale, AZ 2009