Models Needed: Barbershop Quartet


Norman Rockewell's Barbershop Quartet

Back in 2016 Steve was doing a "simple" take on Norman Rockwell's Barbershop Quartet painting.  Since nothing is simple with Steve, it went from simple sketch to painting to oversized oil painting which ended up being way over what he intended.  It was never finished because he didn't have proper reference.

Steve's Rude's take on Rockwell's Barbershop Quartet

We are looking for photo reference for the above.  In exchange for helping Steve with photo reference Steve will send you a full size poster print of the finished painting.

If you would like to pose for one (or have a group to pose for all), please send a photo of yourself (or your group) in costume to Steve will choose someone to help with the photoshoot.

Steve will be talking about the opportunity during his 2/18/2021 Closet Collection Livestream ( and plans to film the rest of the painting process.