At 63, Steve has 2 dreams in life. Create more Nexus and share his knowledge with the world. We've created the Patreon to fund both and give you a little something fun in the process! Thank you so much for supporting us on Patreon!

Creating videos and comics are expensive.  Nexus is a passion project and moving forward.  If you're passionate about new Nexus or would like to see new art demo videos, help Support the project with your Patreonage.  Funds are used for designers, colorists, videographers, and enables Steve to work on Nexus doing writing, pencils, inks, overseeing the colors and getting the book to press!


Thank you so much for supporting us on Patreon!  As a special thanks to everyone we are reorganizing and upgrading our rewards!  Here are the categories:

$1 THANK YOU Members will now receive access to all our blog posts, receive credits on all new Steve Rude videos, and be able to participate in Rude Q&As! 

$5 GENERAL Members will continue to receive the same benefits with the addition of a 10% store discount, and access to our daily Behind the Newspaper Strip Posts! 

$19 FRONT ROW PASS Members will receive a monthly 15% discount code plus exclusive access to uncut videos and convention presale sketch list (we normally don't take a presale list).  All that plus Steve will randomly draw a free sketch for a Patreon Front Row Pass member - we draw names during one of his livestreams!