At 63, Steve has 2 dreams in life. Create more Nexus and share his knowledge with the world. We've created the Patreon to fund both and give you a little something fun in the process!


Thank you so much for supporting us on Patreon!  As a special thanks to everyone we are reorganizing and upgrading our rewards!  Here are the categories:

$1 THANK YOU Members will now receive access to all our blog posts, receive credits on all new Steve Rude videos, and be able to participate in Rude Q&As!

$5 GENERAL Members will continue to receive the same benefits with the addition of a temporary 25% store discount (normal discount is currently 20% for everyone)

$19 FRONT ROW PASS Members will receive monthly postcards (starting this month!), FREE USA Shipping on any size order, temporary 25% discount, PLUS--SPECIAL NEW DEAL:  Front Row members will receive a free drawing from Steve Rude--randomly chosen for a lucky monthly winner! 

First drawing will be Friday, April 24th!