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Steve Rude Art

2015-2020 Sketchbook Alternative Batman Cover

2015-2020 Sketchbook Alternative Batman Cover

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This is our 10th sketchbook.  We skipped 2015-2019  due to a death in the family and our son, Brandon, spent over a year in and out of the hospital.  This sketchbook was created to span the missing 5 years.



Anyone who has ever ordered from us knows we care about the quality.  This is not a "kinkos" handmade sketchbook.  All our books (and everything we do) is top quality, professionally printed, thick stock, archival safe and we spend thousands on sturdy shipping containers, mailers, tubes, and packing to get those items to you safely.  If something arrives damaged we will replace it on request.  Back us and support quality and high standards.

COVER: Batman, alternative cover
PAGES: 176

The book is 176 pages and includes a little bit of everything.  Commission sketches, painted works, instructional drawings and pages from his private sketchbooks.

Sold by artist.  Signature will vary from shown. 

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Earls
Beautiful & Informative Sketchbooks & a Surprise Signature on the "Clobbered" Print!

It's always such a treat to pour through artwork by Steve Rude, but it's a learning experience to read through his process while going through his Sketchbooks!

The mail quickly brought 2 Sketchbooks and a Beautiful "Clobbered" Thing print, but I had to wait till Christmas morning to open them up and enjoy. Definitely worth the wait! And then to discover that Jaynelle had upgraded the print to include a Dude signature made it even better! Thanks so much! I've got days of Sketchbook studying ahead!

Rob Kruegel
A beautiful book befitting of one of the best ever

Adams, Smith, Gulacy, Mignola, Powell. I've loved a number of comic book artists before and after Steve Rude, but the Dude is my all-time favorite. His skill is matched only by the joy he brings to his images.

This huge book features all the characters associated with him; Nexus, Sundra, Judah (and Kreed!), to Superman, Batman, and the Hulk, but also Big Barda, Supergirl, and countless others. And in all variety of media, finished watercolors, tons of marker illustrations, pencil studies, thumbnails and color roughs progressing to finished paintings of the Fantastic Four and's all here and I couldn't be happier to look through it endlessly.

Adam Lahners
An Absolutely Stunning Collection

The Dude has not lost a step, if anything he’s better than ever. Beautifully designed and full of amazing work in all stages including some unedited Superman pages. I didn’t know what my life was missing but it turns out it was a Steve Rude drawing of Apache Chief fighting Galactus.

Ted McIntosh
A good product

A really good book

Jonathan Colton
Best sketchbook I've ever bought!

This thing is thick! Totally worth the money, ever page is a healthy dose of artistic inspiration! I look through this daily.