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Painted Commission Special - LIMITED TIME OFFER

$ 1,000.00

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Special: We are taking single figure watercolor request for only $1,000

Size: Artist choice, but at least 11x17
Medium: Watercolor/Prismacolor/Artist Choice
Orders subject to approval.

Steve tried to do smaller watercolors at a lower price and realized he was incapable of doing rough watercolors, so everyone who got in on last year's deal got a deal.

Steve also tends to want to do what he wants to do so by offering the watercolors at a lower cost he is allowed creative freedom.  Steve will still offer to redo the piece if you're not happy with it (which does happen about 1% of the time).

There is a note feature in the CART you can use for your request, or email me with your request and order number and it can be manually added.

If you would like a more detailed watercolor, please email us for details.




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