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Dark Horse Comics

Nexus Two (Capital Issues 6-10) Dark Horse

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Writer: Mike Baron
Cover Artist: Steve Rude
Penciller: Steve Rude
Inker: Steve Rude, Eric Shanower
Colorist: Les Dorscheid
Genre: Superhero


Who is Nexus? Galactic assassin or planetary savior? A unique scientific phenomenon, or an awesome source of power to be controlled and exploited? The man called Nexus is these things and more. Fueled by the force of raging suns, driven by tortured dreams of murder and vengeance, Nexus hunts the ruthless killers in the universe -- while hoping to someday find the peace he craves.

Now a close encounter with a black hole strands Nexus on a bizarre alien world where he must overcome dangers both mental and physical -- and come face-to-face with the most psychotic superhero of all: The Badger!

This softcover collects the First Comics Nexus issues 6-10, and includes new material by Mike Baron and Steve Rude.

Publication Date: Aug 01, 1993
Format: Full color
Price: $14.95
Age range: 14+
ISBN-10: 1-87857-480-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-87857-480-0

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