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Nexus Wages of Sin 1 Dark Horse

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Nexus: Wages of Sin #1 (of 4)

Compelled by an alien to seek out and execute mass murderers, Nexus was haunted by dreams of their monstrous crimes. Not even his virtually limitless power, derived from the heart of a star, can resolve his dilemma. How does a decent man force himself to repeatedly confront the basest evil? In moments of reflection, he must admit to himself an unspeakable truth: He likes his job.

In this new series, written and illustrated by the Eisner Award-winning writer/artist team of Mike Baron and Steve Rude, Nexus is his own master, freed from the nightmares. But in exchange for that freedom, he has struck a bargain -- he has agreed to seek out and execute mass murderers on his own, at least three a month. When a young girl seeks him out to gain vengeance on the pirates who murdered her family, Nexus undertakes a mission that will force him to confront the stark irony of his terrible choice -- power to do good in exchange for killing.


Writer: Mike Baron
Artist: Steve Rude
Letterer: Willie Schubert
Colorist: George Freeman
Editor: Anina Bennett & Robert Boyd
Designer: Teena Gores
Cover Artist: Steve Rude
Publication Date: March 01, 1995
Format: FC
Price: $2.95

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