Nexus 100 "Sunny Day" Watercolor Page 5

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Nexus 100 Sundra Painted Story Page 5

Size: 14 x 20 inches
Medium: watercolor
on watercolor paper

This is an original art piece, not a copy or duplicate. It was done on special high quality watercolor paper. Part of an 11 page painted story that was published inside Nexus 100.

The Sundra story took Steve an average of 6 weeks per page! Needless to say this is likely the VERY  LAST painted story he might EVER do.

What are other artists who got a sneak peak saying about the painted story? Well, here's our quote from artist, Alex Ross...

Simply put: gorgeous. Steve's long-anticipated debut of painted interiors is well worth the wait, as it's some of the finest American illustration one can find. Legendary illustrator Andrew Loomis legacy is alive and well in these pages. Steve's creamy, rich paintings are full of a glowing warmth that transports one to a different time and place, both past and future.

Nexus 100 "Sunny Day" Watercolor Page 5