Pandora "Hope" Print - Signed

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Pandora has just opened a box she was not supposed to open, releasing a swarm of Troubles into the world. Last to emerge is the spirit of Hope. In text from the retelling of the myth by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hope says, "I was packed into the box to make amends to the human race for that swarm of ugly Troubles, which was destined to be let loose among them. Never fear! We shall do pretty well in spite of them all."

The passage from Hawthorne, and part of a famous poem about Hope by Emily Dickinson, are lettered in graceful calligraphy by Todd Klein at the top and bottom. Todd Klein printed 500 copies on 11 by 17-inch cream-colored card stock and hand-painted a pale yellow in the words "Hope" at the top and bottom of each print. Each is individually signed by Steve Rude and Todd Klein.

Pandora "Hope" Print - Signed