Everyone should have a chance to learn!  Steve opens up all his workshops to 1 scholarship student based on talent and financial need.  The student will have free admission into the class.  Any travel expenses and supplies will still be the responsibility of the student.

We currently have the following scholarships available:

  1. Oct 2015: Oil Painting Made Easier, Asheville, NC

Details of the workshops can be found online:

GOOD NEWS!  Dick Blick has generously agreed to donate all the paints and canvases for the workshop!

The application process is simple.

  1. Email submission to Steve at
  2. Subject should be "Scholarship Submission from [your name here]" (i.e., Scholarship Submission from Steve Rude)

  3. Upload the following files:
    • Current Resume labeled [LastName]_[FirstName}_Resume
    • 5 RGB jpg images completed within the past year labeled [LastName]_[FirstName}_Image[#] (i.e., Rude_Steve_Image1, Rude_Steve-Image2, etc)
    • A brief artist statement outlining your goals as an artist.  It should also include your name, phone number, email address, and a link to more work online.  Please label [LastName]_[FirstName]_Statement

      That's it.  Keep checking back on this page for updates or sign up for DudeNews.  We will notify finalists via phone or email.