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Nexus As it Happened Volume 1

Nexus As it Happened Volume 1

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Nexus: As it Happened Volume 1 is a reprint of the Nexus Archives currently on sale through Dark Horse comics in an affordable black and white paperback version.

On the distant moon of Ylum, an enigmatic man is plagued by nightmares. He is forced to dream of the past. He dreams of real-life butchers and tyrants, and what they have done.

And then he finds them, and kills them.

The year is 2841, and this man is Nexus, a godlike figure who acts as judge, jury, and executioner for the vile criminals who appear in his dreams. He claims to kill in self-defense, but why? Where do the visions come from, and where did he get his powers? Though a hero to many, does he have any real moral code? These are but some of the questions that reporter Sundra Peale hopes to have answered. Collecting Nexus #1-3 (Vol. 1., black and white) and Nexus #1-4 (Vol. 2, full color), from Capital Comics.

A multiple Eisner Award-winning series that defined the careers of acclaimed creators Steve Rude and Mike Baron, Nexus is a modern classic not to be missed!

208 pages, B&W, 6" X 8.5"
Retail Price: $9.99
Street Date: June 16, 2009
DCD Code: APR09 0982

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Kevin Thomas
New Nexus fan here

Always wanted to check out Nexus, but the Dark Horse vols are out of print and very expensive. As it Happened, is a great price and in glorious black & white! I noticed the print date was from 2009, is there any chance the rest of the series will be printed?

Back in 2009 Dark Horse decided to publish the Omnibus books and we agreed not to publish anymore black and white books. We may revisit if they decide to not reprint the Omnibus. Currently we have no plans to reprint.

Andy Smith
Very fast shipping!

I love Steve's work and was impressed with the quality of the book and how fast it was shipped!

Dan S.
Fantastic book! Steve must have

Fantastic book! Steve must have been born very nearly fully formed, like a baby giraffe.

Morgan S.
This is a nice digest

This is a nice digest size perfect for taking with with traveling! Excellent art! Rude is great

John K.
Can't beat this for value.

Can't beat this for value.