Quitting the Fine Art World


"Encore" 19 x 25 Pastel
Well folks,  I supposed it had to happen someday.  As happy and upbeat as I try to be in these personal writings to all you Dude fans, there may on occasion be some news that may even depress the humble and usually optimistic Steve Rude himself.

I wish it was something as relatively paltry as the new “blowhard” destroying some of my irreplaceable art books, or say, the Sillies fighting over what show they’re going to watch, complaining about eating something that’s healthy “but doesn’t taste good” for dinner, or saying  things to deliberately hurt each others feelings—and denying they’re doing it.  Or even something as mundane as the poor Mrs. Dude getting frustrated over still having a disorganized, messy office after 8 years.  No friends, this one is a little more...personal.


After spending 4 years and thousands of dollars in pursuit of getting into the nations various art galleries, acceptance into certain juried art shows, some brief mention in the pages of American Artist, or a smidgeon of real acknowledgment from the strange and insolated world of Fine Art, I’m now basically and politely telling these people—to go screw themselves.


"Jamie in Cutoffs" 19 x 25 Pastel
Sad but true.  I’ve read all the magazines, know all the top players, and have come to at least one apparent conclusion regarding the actual artists themselves:  I have never heard more useless and fanciful gibberish than from those who toil in the fine art world.

Their deliberate and endless use of “art speak” accompanies their every lecture like an academic banana peel, as they slide endlessly around the point, not once having the common sense (or courage) to simply say it in straight English.  Where one direct sentence will do, they use 50.  They cling to words like “transcendence”, “juxtapose”, or “verisimilitude”, as though their scholarly credibility might crash without them.  Pity the students of these so-called teachers, wondering if they’ll ever hear a single word of useable advice for which they’ve paid so much to finally learn.

But, is all truly lost, you may ask?  Will they continue to bar the work of the humble Dude from their often incoherent and oddly exclusive ranks?


"Camouflage" 12 x 16 Oil on Board
Fear not, intrepid believers of all things worth attaining...for the hopes of some success in the fine art world is not completely lost on me.  Besides, I’ve actually got a much greater plan in the works, as I strive the bring the funtastic art of the Dude to the greater masses.  It’s something that the psychology world calls...passive resistance.

Instead of spending time, money, and groundless optimism in hopes of helping the hoity-toity fine-art types see the light...I’m simply going to engage in the time-honored practice of doing nothing at all!  Hey, that shouldn’t be hard.

Basically, I’ll just keep doing what I always do; painting from the models and doing some still lifes, but without the expectations and the forking out of the thousands of clams in attempts to get noticed.  And remember what I said about DC calling me about the Dollar Bill job that came out in January?  “If they want you, they’ll call you.”  It applies to pretty much everyone.

But, enough bla-bla-ing.  Hopefully we’re all excited to see what’s coming up from the brush and palette of the Dude.

It might even surprise both of us.

The Dude
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